Pharmacy Technician

If you are interested in becoming a Pharmacy Technician you will find that there are quite a few good programs to get this degree.

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Schools and Education

There is a huge offer of schools, online degrees and continuing education to keep updated with the latest developments in the field.

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License and Certification

Certification and License are the final goals after getting a degree as a Pharmacy Technician.

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Knowing the duties and responsibilities involved as part of the pharmacy technician job is essential to achieve a great performance.

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What is a Pharmacy Technician?


What is a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy Technician is someone that is qualified to work with the public as well as many elements of helping them to get their prescriptions correctly filled. They are able to work with patient information including personal data and insurance information. They work directly with patients and with the medications that are going to be filled for them.

They take part in the actual filling of the prescriptions. This involves checking to make sure they have the right product and the right dose of it. Many forms of medications look similar. There are also different amounts of milligrams on them. For other medications they can be offered as a tablet, a capsule, or in a liquid.

Paying attention to details to get the right product every time is extremely important in the role of Pharmacy Technician. Counting is a big part of what this type of job entails. It is always important to make sure that the patient gets the correct number or the correct bottle size of a liquid.

Some types of medications require the Pharmacy Technician to be able to properly mix them and to measure the elements of what it consists of. The patient may not get the right benefits if the medication that they use is improperly mixed. Carefully measuring and weighing the products before they are ready to give to the patient is a way to ensure that things are being done correctly.

There are many different settings where someone can work as a Pharmacy Technician. Of course a pharmacy is the most common one. Yet many retail stores where people shop for food, clothing, and other supplies also have a pharmacy in them. Therefore there are plenty of places where someone could apply for this type of work. The hours and days of the week that they will have to work can vary based on the job and the location.


Most of these establishments have more than one Pharmacy Technician working at a time, especially during peak hours of business. There also has to be at least one certified Pharmacist there at all times. They oversee all of the work of the other employees. They make the final decisions when there are tough situations that have to be closely examined.

Accuracy and being able to follow precise directions is a big part of being a successful Pharmacy Technician. This type of job requires someone to have proper training and certification. That way they are able to always give customers the best possible service.

Someone that would like to be a Pharmacy Technician also needs to be able to deal with people. Many patients have questions about their medications. They want to be assured they can get what they need. There will be times when there are issues with insurance coverage, co-pays, and other details of the transaction. It is important to be able to successfully work with the patient to resolve the situation for them.

Patient confidentiality is also a big part of being a Pharmacy Technician. The law has regulations in place for protecting the personal information of the patient. It is never allowed to discuss the needs of any patient with anyone other than them, others that are working to fulfill their prescription, or their doctor.

The demand for Pharmacy Technicians is very high due to the number of people that need medications. Some people need them only when they have an occasional illness. Yet as the number of elderly in society and those with chronic health concerns continues there are those that will need to have prescriptions filled on a regular basis.